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Local Hero: Lewis Quaye, ACEG

Creative director and co-founder of Sheffield organisation ACEG, Lewis Quaye works to instil creativity into schools through the medium of music tuition. We find out more.

Hi Lewis, tell us a bit about how and why ACEG was founded?
The journey began during the 2007/08 banking crisis when I was working in construction as a qualified carpenter and joiner. I was overworked, not able to spend much time with my family and under a lot of pressure. Then the world fell into a deep recession and the construction industry slowed down overnight. My wife, Melissa, and I were looking for something we could both be passionate about, something that solved a real problem. Then I stumbled across a video of Ken Robinson talking about creativity in schools. We started ACEG to address problems outlined in that video really.

What personally drew you to being part of it?
Watching that video made me realise that the current education system was a product of an old economic model. It was for an old industrial age. We don’t need factory workers as much as we used to. What we need are young people to start new businesses, create new industries, meet life’s challenges with creativity and innovation. Having a deep love and appreciation for music, my wife and I felt that starting a new school music service would be a practical way of bringing a more creative vibe to the education system. We had our problem and we felt we knew the solution. So we got busy.

What goals do you as an organisation aim for?
Our short term goal is to be teaching in 200 schools and working with 10,000 pupils. We have nearly reached our halfway point. I think once we reach that point we will be in a better position to influence change at a high level. The state of music education in schools is terrible, but not without hope.

How can people get in touch?
We love getting to know people. Sheffield is full of forward thinking, creative people. If you’re a graphic designer, web developer or talented musician with a passion for teaching we may have work for you. People can email me directly on lewis@aceg.education or pop down to our office at Electric Works and ask for us.

Contact lewis@aceg.education for more.

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