21 things to do in Sheffield in 2021

Visit Rivelin Valley
For a picturesque nature and heritage trail, the Rivelin Valley trail is one of the most unique around and it can be be enjoyed at any time of the year. On most days, you will find many types of plants, trees, birds and animals, as well as historical and archaeological remains of watermills and mill dams which date from the 16th to the 19th century and played a key role in the cutlery and steel industry in the city of Sheffield. The valley has slowly been reclaimed by nature since the watermills fell in to disrepair.

Sam Rayner

Check out Kelham Island Museum
Located in one of the city’s oldest industrial districts, the Kelham Island Museum was opened in 1982 to house the objects, pictures and archive material representing Sheffield’s industrial heritage. The museum’s interactive galleries tell the story from light trades to mass production, and what it was like to live and work in Sheffield during the Industrial Revolution. Follow the growth of the ‘Steel City’ through the Victorian Era and two World Wars to see how steel making forged both the city of today and beyond. Just a wee reminder of our place, tha knows.

Joe Horner

Get lost in Greno Woods
Covering 169 hectares, Greno Woods is an ancient woodland, rich in wildlife and one of the largest reserves, offers excellent opportunities for wildlife watching, exploration and recreation. Combine this with the adjacent Wharncliffe and Wheata Woods, together they cover an area of 700 hectares, making it the largest area of woodland with high biodiversity value in Yorkshire.

Visit Stoneface Creative
Andrew Vickers, AKA Stoneface Creative, is a sensational artist who uses stone (as per the name) to craft unbelievable sculptures. You have to see them to believe them. His outdoor woodland and gallery at Storrs Wood is a wonderful place and once the restrictions are lifted, we’d suggest you get yourself down there for a bit of tranquillity.

Image: Matt Crowder

Return of the boozer?
Dare we dream about sitting in a beer garden in Sheffield this summer? Pint of crisp IPA and the sun beaming down on us? At the very least, we can be hopeful of a return of our pubs and bars at some point this year, perhaps in the fall where we can cosy up and reminisce about a truly bizarre 2020.

Image: Marc Barker

Gettin’ Cultural at Sheffield’s Museums
Pre-Covid, Sheffield Museums had an awesome run of exhibitions which received national recognition. We had 12 never before seen drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, Joe Scarborough’s first ever retrospective and an exhibition featuring the work of Sheffield photographer Martin Jenkinson, who took the defining image of the 1984-5 Miner’s Strike. Here’s to more world class exhibitions this year.

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