21 things to do in Sheffield in 2021

We’re going to try stay positive and assume that by the end of 2021, we’ll be back to normal and then some. We want you to keep this guide handy until then, ticking off the things to do as the year goes on and we all get back on our feet. Here’s to 2021 and to putting the wretched 2020 behind us…

Whilst this might feel impossible given we’ve spent the last nine months under restrictions, but the festival is still scheduled to take place in July 2021. With the vaccine already rolled out to over a million people at the time of writing, this could still happen. There are only a few tickets left though, so head over to the festival’s website to grab yours.

Simon Butler

Grab a view (Bole Hills)
Nestled in between Crookes, Walkley and Crookesmoor, Bole Hills is a park that offers a unique view of the surrounding suburbs due to its vantage point. It’s worth an adventure of the park itself, which offers up various features like a BMX track, football pitch, allotment sites and a woods. Sunny day? It’s one of the best spots in the city to catch the sunset.

Image: Dave Johnson

Tour the Reservoirs
Being on the edge of the Peak District, we’re blessed with some truly beautiful scenery up here. Whether it’s a warm summer’s day or a crisp winter’s morning, heading up for a walk around one of the many reservoirs is a must. The Damflask, Ladybower and More Hall reservoirs, to name just three, are spots that are frequented a lot by us here at Exposed.

Go Vegan
Veganuary kicks off this month, encouraging people around the world to try add a little plant power to their daily diets. Whether you’re going full vegan or are just dipping your toes in, the likes of Sunshine Deli, Make No Bones and Just Falafs are more than welcoming haunts to go vegan in this month. Just be sure to give them a Google to make sure they’re open beforehand.


Get Walkin’ in the Peaks
What better way to get stuck into nature and work up a modest sweat than to join a walking group? You’ll find the Sheffield Walking Group traipsing across our charming Peak District two or three times every week.

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