10,000 people visit Pete McKee’s This Class Works exhibition

Sheffield’s own Pete McKee has taken to twitter to thank the people who visited his exhibition, This Class Works, over the last 16 days. 

More than 10,000 people attended Pete’s first exhibition for two years, which took over 92 Burton Road for over a fortnight.  Taking to Twitter, Pete said: “THIS CLASS WORKS has now closed, a huge thank you to all who visited the exhibition and to all the artists who took part.”

This Class Works has been a collaborative project, with many artists – local or otherwise – showcasing their work. Pete told Exposed: “I think getting other voices into the show helps to thicken it out and provide other outlooks on the subject. There’s a strong portion of myself in there but we’ve also got contributions from other artists, poets, musicians, sculptors and photographers.”

The idea for This Class Works was born whilst Pete was recovering from a liver transplant in May 2017. It is his first exhibition since Six Weeks To Eternity in 2016 which offered a nostalgic look back at the six week school holidays.

See more of Pete McKee’s work on his website. Read our interview with Pete McKee himself, here

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