You Dig Raps?

Sheffield based MC and artist Kid Acne and DJ Benjamin, AKA Mongrels, have teamed up again for the release of 7” ‘You Dig Raps’. The two originally came together in the nineties and, after a hiatus, more recently for the release of their Low Budget/High Concept EP earlier this year (read our chat with Kid Acne here).

Their DIY attitude and shared passion for old school hip hop is as obvious as ever on this new release which also features guest vocals from Sebash, of legendary ’90s group New Kingdom, as well as a remixed version of Combat Divers by fellow New Kingdom affiliate Scotty Hard.

kid acne you dig rapsKid Acne’s connection to the steel city is inescapable, from collaborations with Sheffield university academics to the Birth of Hip Hop mural he painted on the side of the Old Junior School in Sharrow Vale. The two track 7” will be on a limited release of 200 copies worldwide, each with a hand-pulled screen-print sleeve, four alternative covers designed by Kid Acne and an A6 tattoo transfer sheet inside.

ydrYOU DIG RAPS? (Part One) / COMBAT DIVERS (Scotty Hard Remix) is available now from

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