Wolf Alice – Leadmill Sheffield Gigs

Wolf Alice @ The Leadmill

Review of Wolf Alice at Leadmill.

Since they last played The Leadmill in May 2014, Wolf Alice have embarked on a stealthy hunt for mainstream recognition. With hotly anticipated debut album My Love Is Cool out in June, the London alt-rockers have been touring in promotion of its lead single ‘Giant Peach’; and what better place to stop by than a venue that has hosted tons of big names in their pre-breakthrough stage.

For a band who haven’t even dropped a full record yet, the size of the (mostly young) crowd on this Friday night was both noticeable and rather impressive. The four-piece were completely at ease with the enthusiastic temperament of their fans, showing a swagger that few groups this early in their career can usually muster.


The angst-driven, shrill tones of Ellie Roswell played well against an energetic sound that carries both grungy and bluesy undertones, captured perfectly in one of their most progressive and popular tracks, ‘90 Mile Beach’.

As the numbers raced by, there was a decent sense of momentum building, with short periods of calm in the softer lilts that the group also dabble with at times.

Energy levels around the room then picked up again in the encore, lifted by the cameo appearance of Drenge’s Eoin Loveless on the very last song, ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’. A burst of crowd-surfing at the end added a fittingly feverish full-stop to the night.

Photos by Harley Young

Words by Benedict Tetzlaff Deas

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