Vant @ Plug

Frenzied crowds, energetic live performances and a huge dose of explosive new wave punk has catapulted Vant to success. Politically charged lyrics and a flair for a memorable gig has demanded the spotlight and simultaneously allowed Vant to spread their message whilst wrecking havoc.

Frontman Mattie Vant may have admitted that touring was beginning to take its toll, even sending the band a little mad, but this drop of insanity only seemed to spur them on. Blasting through a brilliant set, the garage punks took the crowd by the throat. By the time Mattie jumped off-stage and encouraged the crowd to bounce with him, the room whole was an ongoing eruption.

With clattering symbols and adrenaline-fuelled guitar riffs, Vant’s short but frantic tracks are intense bursts of energy. ‘Parking Lot’ flicks between structured verses, screeching chorus’ and explosions of instrumental outbursts. ‘Do You Know Me?’ captivates in similar style – “I’m down, I’m broke, I’m tired, I want something more” – leads the charge before Mattie shrieks “let me hear you say ‘oh’… You should know me, by now”.  Flinging themselves around and crashing to the floor, the band make the most of Plugs intimate stage, getting in the crowd’s faces as much as possible and building up a sweat whilst doing so.

‘Parasite’ hits hard. A pumped-up and intense affair that lasts about a minute and a half, it assaults your ear drums then ends before you can comprehend what’s just happened. And that’s sums up how Vant’s performance went. It was chaotic and messy for those huddled towards the front, and a sight to behold from those hanging around the back; yet, before the atmosphere had the chance to settle, it was all over and everyone’s eardrums were left satisfyingly ringing.

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