Utah Saints

Exposed meets Utah Saints ahead of their upcoming set at Yellow Arch Studios.

You have a DJ set at Yellow Arch Studios Sheffield May 2, are you looking forward to being back in Yorkshire?
It’s great to be playing back in Sheffield as we have always seen it as the leading UK city for electronic music. Its ground-breaking electronic bands were a massive influence to us and our career. One of our earliest tracks sampled The Human League! We have played in Sheffield many times over the years though and one of our earliest shows we played was actually at the Leadmill!

You’ve played a variety of gigs and festivals all over the globe- what do you have in store for Sheffield?
Every show is different so each one needs its own preparation. We normally look at who else is playing on the line-up, research the resident DJ’s and try to build up a picture of the event then work from that. The key thing for us in a show is to keep up the energy levels and pace. We try to mix through many genres rather than just stick at one tempo as that gets a bit boring for us. We both DJ at the same time and like to play our own re-edits of current big club tracks. We always put in extra EFX units as it’s all about attention to detail.

What is the most memorable show you have ever played?
That is a really tough question. We have played some great shows over the years; playing stadiums across Europe supporting U2 with Bjork, playing with The Ramones, playing festivals on the beach in Dubai and small intimate clubs in Leeds. I’d say one of our personal favourites is playing at a festival called Beatherder which is based in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire and takes place in July. We played right at the start of this festival which has now been going ten years. It will always hold a special place in our hearts! We liked it that much that we got asked back each year and have ended up curating our own stage there now.

You’ve been making music since the birth of House and have grown with the genre, what would you describe your sound as now, compared with when you began?
We still go through the same process of making a records now as when we fist started. The technology available today has meant that our records sound more produced and create better sonics. Despite this, a good record for us is still built upon a good initial idea and strong hook. We would describe our sound as Electronic. We like to make our tracks stand out from the pack and sound like a sonic assault on your ears!

One of your standout tracks which rocketed in the UK charts is ‘Something Good’. Tell us about something good that has happened to you recently.
We got booked to play Sheffield on May 2! That’s awesome!

You have presented an impressive amount of radio shows in the UK – what’s your favourite thing about working on radio?
We like to do radio as we both have such an extensive and varied record collection spanning back over many years, and keep on top of new music as well. We see radio as a great opportunity to play lots of music we like, and we’re both very passionate. It’s an opportunity to break new and exciting bands, DJ’s and producers. Despite the rise of the internet and channels like Spotify, we still feel that radio is still a vitally important medium for music.

Tell us about the new material you’re working on.
We have been making music for film soundtracks and trailers over the last 12 months; this is an area we’d like to explore more as we’re into our big soundscapes, strings and emotion music- hopefully you’ll be hearing that this year. Also we have just given away a recent track on Soundcloud called ‘Fly Away”, and we’re currently sitting on a couple of new Utah Saints tracks which should be out soon.

Finally what’s next in store for Utah Saints?
We’ve done remixes for all kinds of artists, from Bring me the Horizon to DJ Fresh. We love remixes but at this time we feel that we need to get new Utah material out!

Utah Saints hit Yellow Arch Studios May 2. For tickets and info go to www.yellowarch.com

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