Rophonic: You Are The Audience

An event worthy of the Gothic Lantern Theatre setting.
Rophonic concerts are always more than just musicians on stage playing for their fans. Tonight, in semi-darkness and wearing masks, Rophonic performed their latest work ‘You Are The Audience’.
Harking back to the days when you weren’t a serious contender without releasing a concept album, tonight was about the idea of how musician and audience jointly set out on a ritualistic journey every time they perform or attend a gig. Each song or piece of music had its own projected film, displayed behind and even over the musicians, adding imagery to the already highly conceptualised mood for the show. Mark Daly, Michael Harding, Graham McElearney created a bed of sounds for vocalist Peter Rophone to perform alongside, using all manner of sonic sculpture devices, which even included a harp. Also on stage from time to time was Matt Howden on violin, who had himself performed under his Sieben persona as the opening act, with pieces of music created entirely from his violin and a series of loop pedals. A fascinating and entertaining night for anyone with a taste for something unusual and intelligent – and yet more evidence, if indeed it were needed, that Sheffield continues to create music at the forefront of creativity.

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