Franz Ferdinand and Sparks (FFS) – Collaborations Don’t Work

Review of the album by Franz Ferdinand and Sparks, AKA FFS,Collaborations Don’t Work.

You’d be forgiven for expecting either of these two to be the subject of some ‘Whatever happened to …’ article in a music magazine, but their die-hard fans will be aware that they’ve both carried on releasing music without necessarily troubling the chart compilers. How does such an unlikely pairing happen? In this case, back in 2004, Ron and Russ Mael did little more than go for a coffee with Franz Ferdinand singer Alex Capranos and suggest working together. It didn’t happen, as Franz Ferdinand were far too busy being successful back then, but now the indie-dust has settled, they’ve gone and done it. The Mael brothers are no strangers to approaching music from an odd point of view, and this latest project is as off-beat as it is interesting. There is a strange magic about the two bands writing and singing as one group, and this isn’t merely one of them guesting on the other’s album, it really is a collaboration that has produced a ‘new’ group, FFS. If you like either of these groups you’ll want to check this out, so they already have a small but dedicated audience at the outset, but I think they may well gather a new band of followers if this album is more widely heard. If anything the sound veers most often to the Sparks end of the scale, but there’s some distinctly Franz Ferdinand influences through out. Both of them are known for interesting lyrics, and songs with titles such as ‘The Man Without a Tan’ and ‘Johnny Delusional’ have an interesting tale to tell.



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