Turin Brakes – Lost Property,

Back at the turn of the millennium, when quiet was the new loud, Turin Brakes rode the crest of the semi-acoustic wave along with the likes of Badly Drawn Boy, The Delgados and Kings of Convenience.

Somewhat against some people’s expectations (not mine, I hasten to add) they’re still around, and producing music that is not only just as good as it ever was, but that has also progressed and developed. Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian are as ever at the heart of the band, with Olly’s lyrics and vocals sitting perfectly with Gale’s inventive but sympathetic guitar work. On this, their seventh album, the music is sometimes heartfelt and moving, on songs such as ‘Brighter Than The Dark’, or the stripped down ‘Martini’, and at other times retains their poppy/West Coast sound that we know and love, with songs such as the two opening tracks ’96’ and ‘Keep Me Around’. They also know how to build a song perfectly, with songs like the anthemic ‘Save You’, or the mighty closing track ‘Black Rabbit’. The overall sweep of the album is much more than the sum of its parts, as the songs all come together to create ebbs and flows, emotional highs and lows. Although there are stand-out tracks here, don’t wait until someone pulls one or other of them off the album as a single that they think might sound good on the radio. Celebrate the longevity of one our most consistent British bands, get yourself the full package and immerse yourself in Turin Brakes.

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