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Tropic of Youth @ Devonshire Green

Review of Tropics of Youth on Devonshire Green at Tramlines.
If any material was to bring a hopeful breakthrough of sunlight into an initially overcast Exposed stage, the utopian indie-pop of Tropic of Youth was going to – and it successfully did just that.

However the 30 minute set didn’t exactly go to plan, as re-occurring technical difficulties blighted a performance from a group whose lead singer admitted to their rustiness following a barren lack of gigs.

Nevertheless when the boys got going they did hits from their sweet Sun City EP more than justice. If you were to close your eyes during ‘You’ or the Bombay Bicycle-esque ‘Hot Season’, it would be half feasible to believe you’re legs up on a hammock under a palm tree on paradise island whilst drinking your favourite coconut infused cocktail.

That was unfortunately not the case, but these balmy world-beats delivered the next best form of escapism in the Steel City this weekend. Whilst not acclaimed for creating a genre-defying or distinctly dynamic plethora of tracks, this clan of idealists are likely to gain substantial momentum with the potential of a full-length future album. Sun-drenched soft rock at its best.

Jordan Foster

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