Tim Burgess

The Charlatans @ Ponderosa

Ponderosa’s first headliners made their way onto the park’s stage following a wonderfully chaotic performance from Kent’s own raucous duo, Slaves. Tim Burgess and his entourage crafted a set which included a number of hits spanning the rock band’s relentless career, with a few welcome newbies from 2015’s Modern Nature.

Gingerly dancing around stage with the mic firmly in his clutch, the frontman instantly won the Sheffield crowd over, which had grown in multitudes in the build up to their arrival. Almost breaking into his 50’s, it’s hard to imagine that Tim is anything older than 30, as he brings just as much energy to the stage as though it were the peak of the mid-nineties.

A nostalgic trip for many who witnessed their headlining show, ‘Only One I Know’ unsurprisingly sparked the liveliest reaction from the crowd. And as darkness finally descended upon the park, illuminations only added to an atmosphere which had grown in intensity throughout their set. As ‘Come Home Baby’ echoed throughout the audience, it was already evident that The Charlatans had fulfilled their job. Addressing fans before their penultimate song, Burgess added “We can make it last, we can remember good times”, before leaving the stage with an instrumental blast to uproarious applause.

Words: Jacob Flannery

Photo: Jacob Flannery

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