Renegade Brass Band @ Ponderosa

Review of Renegade Brass Band on the Ponderosa stage at Tramlines.
Thank goodness for the new super-sized Ponderosa stage! This lot would have spilled over the edge of the old one at Devonshire Green. From the very start we were in no doubt that this was going to be one big party. The sun shone and their irresistible music had everyone dancing.

With Renegade Brass Band it does exactly what is says on the tin … and I don’t mean, ‘Caution, may cause drowsiness’. They take the idea of a brass band and turn it into a riotous combination of rhythm and rapping; it’s virtually impossible to stay still when they’re on stage.

Perhaps it’s not a good idea to take your traditional brass band-loving granny to see them, as she might be a bit overwhelmed. If you’ve never seen them before, their combination of MC rapping, scratching and horns is as exciting as it is unexpected. They’ve an album out soon, but don’t rely on that to give you a flavour of this lot, go and see them perform, that’s where they truly come alive.

Photo: Simon Butler

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