Rawshac @ Millennium Gallery

Review of Rawschac at the Millennium Gallery for Tramlines Festival.

I’ll be completely honest, I’d never heard of Rawschac until tonight. But I’m so glad I know about them now.

The band first made waves with their beautifully crafted songs in some of Liverpool’s best-known venues. Now the band have re-shuffled, and they’re working their way around Yorkshire’s music scene.

An apt name for the Leeds-based quintet, the band display raw, contrasting vocals which immediately grab attention. Mixing grimy rap, guitar riffs and ethereal vocals just shouldn’t work, but somehow these guys pulled it off to a T. A blend of genres introducing soulful, heart-felt vocals into the mix, meant their live set was simply captivating, reminding me of The XX and The Weekend, with a hint of MC Solaar, just you know, without the French.

They began the show with an intro that received a roar of appreciation from the intimate crowd. Their first song, ‘Loose People’ mixed thumping drumbeats that pounded in your chest with haunting dreamy vocals and piercing guitar riffs.

Rawschac combed hip-hop, grunge and soul impressively, with the energy and enthusiasm you’d expect from a headline act. Standouts from the night included ‘Sway’ to which I found my foot incessantly tapping along; and a yet unnamed new track, which showcased the band’s impressive song-writing talent.

They finished their set (which seemed to go by unfairly quickly) with ‘Cavebear’, a song, according to guitar player Danny, about “a guy who lived in the basement of our house”. It was a perfect showcase of what this band can do; the song started off slow and soulful but well and truly ended with a bang of pounding drums and gut wrenching guitar.

Catch these guys if you can, their unique sound is well worth a listen, and as summed up by Danny: “It’s been fucking awesome”.

New fan? I think so!

Words: Megan Morgan

Photo: James Shaw





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