Payroll Union @ Folk Forest

Review of Payroll Union at Folk Forest at Tramlines
Despite the distance, there’s a long established connection between the ‘folk’ music of the UK and the USA, and Payroll Union have created their own place in this long tradition of shared ideas and links. Their take on the Americana music scene can be heard in their recent second album, ‘Paris of America’, which takes for its inspiration the torrid events of 19th century America, as the country struggled with the racial, social and economic upheavals that made America what it is today.

Some of the songs in today’s set were taken from the album, but just enjoying the music is why we are all here and why the Folk Forest is packed so early in the day. The have a very individual musical style and sound, perhaps a bit more strident than you’d expect in the Folk Forest, which is as entertaining as it is interesting. Combine that with their obsession with American history, and they provide an entertaining set whenever they play.

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