Floodhounds @ Leadmill

Review of Floodhounds at Leadmill at Tramlines.
Jack Flynn’s off-hand ‘we’re from Sheffield, by the way’ needn’t have been uttered; Floodhounds’ rock-n-roll flawlessness, accompanied by a cheeky enticing-ness in lyrics such as “heaven won’t help you now, but I know I could” is a perfect addition to the South Yorkshire sound. And it seems as if the meek three-piece have already gained a local following, if the queue out the door of Frog & Parrot is anything to go by.

The frontman’s riffing mastery of a single guitar introduces hints of genius, whilst tracks such as ‘Cold Air’ and ‘The Fear’ possess basslines that Nick O’Malley would pay bottom dollar for. And it’s about time we had another female drummer on the scene. ‘Wolf At The Door’ is instantly likeable, and stands out as being made for mainstream.

What’s next for Floodhounds, I hear you ask? Maybe introducing some brilliant backing vocals? More work on their rhythmical prowess? Whatever it is, they seem on the cusp of finding their niche; lucky for you, you can see them again at 7.05pm tonight at the Leadmill. With a sound that is destined for longevity, you too can get your pals’ backs up by joining in the chorus of ‘I heard them before they were famous’.

Words: Samantha Fielding

Photo: Isobel Aitchison

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