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Awooga @ City Hall

Review of Awooga at the City Hall at Tramlines
Awooga are a three piece from Sheffield with the honour of kicking off Tramlines at the City Hall. And kick it off they did, as they blew the crowd away with a masterly display of their brand of heavy, moody space-rock. Every song had its own pace and identity, and built its own wall of sound, relying heavily on James Borrowdale’s outstanding guitar work. They filled the cavernous ballroom with layer upon layer of metal sounds, with bass guitarist Tam Ali handling the vocals like he’s been doing it for years. This type of slow-burning, almost organic sound is difficult to describe in a way that adequately conveys how it seeps into your body, and the entire audience seem to become part of the performance. There was a large crowd for an opening act, and a good few had attended, I imagine, because of the well-deserved support that Awooga have had from BBC Introducing. No-one was disappointed, apart from maybe that their set was such a short one, but such is the fate that befalls all opening acts. Don’t fret if you missed them, you can catch them again headlining at West Street Live on Sunday, when I imagine they’ll play a longer set.

Words: Mark Perkins

Photo: Jamie Boughton

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