Tramlines Friday 2019: Estevans @ The Library Stage

The band drove for five hours to get to play their first ever Sheffield gig today – well, I suppose that’s what you get for living in Guildford.

They opened with a fantastic song, ‘Lets Get Messy’, and set the tone for their short but exciting set. The Library Stage has the advantage, some might argue, of being next to the entrance. Whilst that might mean bands playing on it might get overlooked, what it actually means is that when a band as good as The Estevans are playing, they soon gather a crowd.

Frontman Oscar Pugin and songwriter Guy Ferris got together a few years ago, and after being in a few bands got together with Ollie Thompson and Morgan Jones in 2016 to become the Estevans. Since then they seem to have been competing for the title of hardest working band in the country, gigging all over the place.

Their power pop/indie sound is as infectious as it gets, and the early attenders at the Library Stage were hugely entertained by their music. The highlight for me was a new song, ‘Wrong Idea’, which must be a contender for a single and they finished their impressive debut with Got To Know You, their latest single, after delivering a short but perfectly formed set.

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