Tramlines 2016: October Drift @ Crystal

Review of October Drift’s Tramlines slot at Crystal on the Saturday.

October Drift have often shied away from social media, preferring to let their music, rather than their Twitter account, do the talking. Their Tramlines set, an explosive affair, sees the entire band throwing themselves around stage and glistening with sweat. Frontman Kiran Roy struts across Crystal’s bar, shredding guitar and admirably looking over the venue’s substantial crowd. He climbs a nearby amp and screeches vocals over the crowd who seem taken aback by the quartet’s energy. Material from  the EP Stranger Days is a clattering display of heavy drum beats and euphoric melodies. ‘Losing My Touch’ is instantly recognisable, and sees the band in full flow, as fuzzy reverb and heavy distortion lead an anthemic chorus. October Drift’s recorded material doesn’t do their live performance justice; whereas their EP offers a keyhole view of their potential, where they truly shine is when they’re on stage and absorbed into their performance.

Still in their early days, the band is only continuing to a build a buzz around their music. Touring heavily and recording at every opportunity, we can only expect more great things.

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