Tramlines 2016: George Clinton @ Ponderosa Main Stage

Review of George Clinton and Parliamentary Funkadelic’s Tramlines slot at The Main Stage.

After a rather… abrupt start, the only way to describe George Clinton’s set is seamless. Welcoming us with a “You can dance if you wanna” (as if we needed the option), the group defied all genres, from funk and soul to rock and roll, dance, even heavy metal; and the crowd were up for each and every minute of it.

Every member of the Funkadelic brought something brilliant and unique to the performance, with George Clinton, now in his 70s, surveying the scene like a proud parent. Not only a feast for the ears, the stage was more vibrant than a page from the Where’s Wally? Annual 2015; think fantastic, heatappropriate costumes (we were all wishing we had tutus and fishnets on, let’s be honest), head banging, and a multitude of interesting props – Rip Curl backpacks, Beats Pill speakers – the lot. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more surreal, out came the longest fake nose you’ll ever see, combined with white fur coat, hat and trousers. The main-stage crowd enjoyed the sultry ‘Dirty Queen’, the legendary ‘Give Up The Funk’, and even a brass-saturated version of the Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz classic, ‘Get Low (To the window to the walls)’.

Concluding with ‘Atomic Dog’, we were left with a pure vision of what P-Funk is really about; openness to all genres, a fusion of slap bass, sax, synths, and guitar riffs that would make Jimmy Page cry. In conclusion: maybe not all ‘Parliamentary’ members are that bad.

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