Tramlines 2016: Foes @ City Hall

Review of Foes Tramlines slot at City Hall on Saturday.

The Memorial Hall provided some cool respite from a sweltering Sheffield city centre this afternoon, but that was about the only refuge it provided.

I told my friends we were going to see four lads from Liverpool, but afterwards they told me this wasn’t what I’d promised them at all. Jangly pop this ain’t. Foes have beards. And they know how to use them. What we were treated to in here today was a full-on assault on the eardrums, courtesy of the world of loud, metal music. Dressed in black, and playing against a black back-cloth, their beards and tattoos were just about all you could see at times in the murky darkness of the Memorial Hall, but it didn’t matter, we were here to rock, and Foes were taking no prisoners.

They drew a fairly large crowd too, most of whom genuinely seemed to have come specifically to see Foes, not just any old rockers. They varied the pace with slower songs played alongside faster numbers, so there was some sense of light and shade, but this was not for the faint hearted. It was loud, brash but most of all it was exciting.

Foes may be new on the scene but they are the equal of many better known bands and made a good few converts tonight.

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