Tramlines 2016: The Dandy Warhols @ Ponderosa

Review of The Dandy Warhols’ Tramlines slot on the Ponderosa Main Stage.

Arriving on stage with a subtle but cursory “Alright?’’, the legendary four-piece kicked off with their usual mammoth 8-minute opener. The lyrics barely audible, ‘Be-In’ nicely sums up what’s in store for most of the show: occasional catchy melodies thrown into a set that’s largely dominated by their long, drawn-out trancey tunes.
With that said, ‘Not If You Were The Last Junky On Earth’ judders the stale crowd into motion. Lead singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor takes an opportunity to describe a day off in Sheffield – where his band hiked around the hills of our wonderful city and then took a dip in a river ‘’like a little magical elf.” We’ve all been there. Then, and you sensed this is what most were waiting for, they treated the Ponderosa crowd to three of their biggest hits. ‘You’re Killing Me’, from their newest album Distortland, gets a warm reception from the Tramlines crowd; ‘We Used To Be Friends’ gets an even bigger reaction from the masses; and, naturally, Bohemian Like You’ got the crowd well and truly warmed up, nicely setting the stage for Dizzee’s headline slot.

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