This Feeling @ Plug

Review of clubnight This Feeling, with Bang Bang Romeo, The Jacques and The Glass Caves.

Saturday night was the perfect excuse for Plug to host club night, This Feeling with former Exposed In Session stars Bang Bang Romeo, Bristolians The Jacques and indie rockers The Glass Caves on the bill.

First up: Bang Bang Romeo. Words do no justice to the magic that happens when the Doncaster band throw down rhythms. These guys have been cut by the gods, straight out of rock n’ roll cloth. The shiver inducing vocals of Anastasia; the thunderous ‘tar rhythms of Joel and Ross; all pulsating on an anarchic ’60s undercurrent by drummer Richard. It’s a wonder Tarantino hasn’t got ‘em on speed dial. If you’ve never felt goose bumps whilst watching a band, then my friend, you have never experienced Bang Bang Romeo.

It’s testament to how good The Jacques and The Glass Caves are that Bang Bang would be the warm-up.

Plug is seemingly smoking by the time Bristolian brothers The Jacques take the stage with their own brand of acerbic indie. The four piece may be cute as a button, but man do their hooks pack a punch.

Glass Caves are the final billing. If there is a person in Yorkshire who has not heard of the ‘froed five-piece from Ponte, then I am yet to meet them. Their alt-rock rumblings smack of the intensive gigging they’ve been doing this year.

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Photos: Tim Glasby

Teela Clayton

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