The Vespers – Sisters and Brothers

Review of The Vespers’ Sisters and Brothers album.

You’ve got to hand it to The Vespers; their ability to breakthrough into the music mainstream with their Christian Americana folk music is somewhat admirable. Sister duo Callie and Phoebe Cryar provide perfect harmonising vocals – and brothers Taylor and Bruno Jones provide the backbone to each track with drums and percussion.

The sound is very old-school folk – with banjos, upright bass and mandolin. It’s definitely the sound of Nashville, from where the band originate.

Beginning to listen to their latest musical instalment ‘Sisters and Brothers’, opening track ‘Break the Cycle’ begins as a stomping opener, very punchy – with the Cryar sisters wonderfully displaying their big vocal talents. Their current sound has more bite about it than previous works; it’s less easy-listening and more anthemic Americana.

Unfortunately, ‘Break the Cycle’ is not a taste of things to come, as the following tracks are riddled with squeamishly clichéd lyrics. In terms of writing, it leaves a lot to be desired in thought and wit. Track 5, ‘Not Enough’, is the worst offender – possessing the same lyrical eloquence similar to that of another High School Musical film.

This would almost be forgivable, but the album also possesses an unforgivable amount of toe-curling key-changes, which would rival the first excruciating week of The X Factor live shows.

It’s not terrible, but it’s certainly not memorable. The back-bone is there, and the album opener really displays The Vespers mainstream potential. However, overall, there’s a lot left to be desired.

Emily Beaumont 5/10

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