The Third Half – Nowhere is Somewhere

If you care to delve around the local music scene, and perhaps avoid the more obvious contenders, you’ll find some incredible music made by some talented local artists, but who get very little exposure. A perfect example of a uniquely talented group, lying somewhat under the radar, are The Third Half, whose releases are few, but are all the more precious for that.

This five track EP is the definition of understated, and is amongst the best releases I’ve heard anywhere this year. Graham McElearney and Peter Rophone make a beautiful, delicate sound, which fills the room with ethereal music and poetic lyrics. The music of the harp and celeste don’t feature too often in the Exposed music review pages, and so listening to this already makes it a special occasion. I’m overcome with the need to sit down and have some Earl Gray tea, just to celebrate.

The opener, No One Will Pull the Trigger, has a gorgeous, haunting refrain which seems to hang delicately in mid-air as the song plays itself out. The remaining tracks are equally as captivating, and are all home-grown. They were recorded here in Sheffield, by Paul Blakeman and Dean Honer, at Club 60 and at the Bowling Green Studios, and shows that we need look no further than the city boundaries to find world class music.


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