The Third Half @ Cafe #9

A special event to launch what has become one of my favourite music releases of this year. The Third Half are Graham McElearney and Peter Rophone, and if you’ve not done so yet, I urge you to check out their recent 5-track release, ‘Nowhere is Somewhere’.

To make this occasion into the special event it needed to be, they’ve chosen to launch it at Cafe #9, which has been called ‘Sheffield’s most laid-back cafe’, which is no mean feat in this city. The wood panelled walls, chess sets and books scattered around the place give a feeling of relaxed intimacy that this music deserves. Graham plays a harp throughout, while Peter accompanies his own dreamy falsetto vocals on guitar. Certainly not a combination I’ve ever come across before, so they already score maximum points on the don’t-sound-like-anyone-else-ometer. The first half of their set was a semi-improvised collection of more experimental pieces of music, before they performed the EP in its entirety to finish off the night. As befitted a lovely summer’s evening, their dreamy, delicate music ebbed and flowed, whilst the setting sun cast increasingly long shadows across the coffee and cakes. All the while, the warmth of their performance kept us all cocooned in this most perfect of cafes. Peter attempted to explain some of the lyrics of the songs towards the end of the night, but it really wasn’t needed. The strange images their music creates sit perfectly with their unique sound , and losing yourself in thought is the perfect way to appreciate their art. Keep an eye of for The Third Half. Their performances will allow you to recognise the depth of talent this city can produce.


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