The Suncharms Return

Sheffield bands have a reputation for having die-hard fans, who last down the years long after they’ve gone their separate ways, and The Suncharms, who were playing live in the late eighties until their last show in 1993, are one such band.

These days they’d be called ‘shoegaze’ I suppose, but on the music scene in the nineties, I doubt whether that term had even been coined. The Suncharms had a couple of EPs out, made the indie charts, had a John Peel session, and had quite a big local following back in the day. Lack of real success led to them inevitably going their separate ways, as most bands do, and in 1992, they finally called it a day.

They slowly became one of Sheffield’s forgotten bands, or so they thought. Completely out of the blue, Cloudberry Records, a New York ultra-trendy label, specialising in re-issuing hard to find, in-demand music, recently got in touch. Could they please release a Suncharms compilation CD? Unnoticed by almost anyone, there had been a steady growth in interest in their music, facilitated of course by the internet. Blogs, YouTube and all manner of social media had kept the flame burning, generating interest and leading to this CD release.

It’s an interesting slice of history, but it has also led to them getting back in touch with one another, and even talking about writing some new stuff. They haven’t strayed far afield, and most of them still live locally, which led to a reunion in the good old Lescar. They’ve started getting airplay on 6Music and a few other stations, and are picking up YouTube plays. And interest isn’t confined to the hipsters of Manhattan. Cloudberry Records have had an order of 100 CDs from Japan, and another US label, Jigsaw have sold out the ones they ordered. On top of that, a few other labels who specialise in reissues have gone public with their disappointment at missing out on reissuing their tracks.

We’ll let you know what develops, and who knows, the Suncharms may be about to rise once more.


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