The Coral – Distance In Between Album Review

It’s been six years since the last new Coral album, and after solo projects and archive releases, they’ve regrouped and are back, even stronger than ever. Whatever they achieved on their own, they’ve clearly accepted that they work best as a group, and this is as good an album as I’ve heard so far this year. They’ve adopted a ‘do it in one take’ approach to recording the album, and why not? A band that’s played together for almost 20 years, should have no trouble nailing a live performance, and it shows. Their songs have moved on from the jangly-joy of their early hits such as ‘Pass It On’ and ‘In The Morning’, and they are none-the-worse for that. They still know how to put together some excellent psychedelic-pop music, and tracks such as ‘White Bird’ could easily be mistaken for early Pink Floyd, but they have also broadened their appeal. ‘It’s You’ and ‘Fear Machine’ sees them muscling-in on Arctic Monkeys’ territory, and they are just as listenable, but somehow you still know it’s The Coral. This album confirms, if anyone was in any doubt, that they are here to stay, and is a great endorsement of a talented and enduring group, who will no doubt continue to play sell-out crowds wherever they go.

MP 8/10

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