The Color Morale

Interview with The Color Morale at Slamdunk Festival.

Hailing from Illinois USA and signed to Fearless Records, The Color Morale is a rock/metal band growing in popularity over here in the UK. With a steady message of hope and resilience which resonates with their adolescent fan base, energetic live shows, and distinctive vocal, The Color Morale are certainly setting themselves apart from other bands in their genre. We caught up with frontman Garett Rapp following their set at this year’s Slamdunk Festival to chat about life on the road, their Slamdunk set, and English slang…

Hi Garett, nice to meet you! How are you enjoying Slamdunk Festival so far?

I’m having an absolute blast so far! There are tonnes of good bands, tonnes of people; our set was packed which really surprised us!

Fantastic! How did you find the Slamdunk crowd?

Well a lot of people don’t know who we are yet; we have a core group of people who have seen us here before. Um, it was awesome! Very good crowd interaction, I didn’t even expect us to get an eighth of what we had in the room so it really blew my expectations! It was incredible.

Good stuff, have you done much touring in the UK before?

We’ve been over here once as a support band, and then once before a few years back, so not too much if I’m honest. It’s one of our goals to come overseas more, whether it’s here, Europe or Australia. It’s been an incredible experience, anything we can do to travel to new places and meet fans from around the world.

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Are you touring at the moment?

We’ve just done five dates with Beartooth here in the UK, and then we’ll do these three dates for Slamdunk Festival.

Cool! So how do the crowds over here compare to the US?

Well we’re from the US so obviously the crowds are bigger over there but it’s definitely a growing thing over here. Like today, I can’t believe the crowd that came over to watch us. It was awesome. I expected it to be an awkward 100 people but not at all, it was nuts!

I’m glad we made you feel welcome! So what’s the best and worst thing about being on the road?

I think the best is the interactions that you have while you’re on the road. You put feelings and authentic thoughts into songs and watch them connect to people. That’s the best, for sure. The worst is definitely the constant fatigue. As a singer my voice is fatigued, my body is fatigued, my mind is fatigued. When you tour all the time you don’t really get any chances to reset. That’s kinda’ where I’m at right now – destroyed! Ready to go home and rest!

Sounds pretty exhausting! Whilst you’ve been over here in the UK have you had the chance to sample any UK delicacies?

I really enjoy Costa [laughs] it’s really become my daily go-to while I’ve been here. I also like those random 2am kebab shops, which are definitely becoming a nightly thing. You gotta’ find your random hole-in-the-wall kebab shops!

Sounds like you’re really becoming one of us, have you picked up any English slang?

I think so, possibly…

Shall I test you?

I’ve learned a couple, so we’ll see…

What do you think a ‘Yorkshire Pudding’ is?

Uh… like a dessert right?

An educated guess, but not quite. Next one, ‘arse over tit’?

[Laughs] No idea, but whatever it means, I’m using it. That’s awesome.

Third time lucky, ‘bugger all’?

Like when you shoot snot over somebody right?

This next one is more of a Yorkshire thing: ‘gi’yore’?

Like ‘get outta here!’

I’ll accept that Garett, good work! What about a ‘chin wag’?

Like when someone has a seizure?

‘Dogs bollocks’?

Oh I know this one, it means it’s like ‘the shit!’ I’ve heard that one before…

‘Piss poor’?

Like terrible, the worst! Like we could say ‘our show today was definitely not piss poor’!

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Words: Emily Beaumont.

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