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The Temper Trap – Thick As Thieves

This album has a presumptive air about it that successful bands often have by their third album. They’ve got an audience on board, who know what to expect, and The Temper Trap know how to deliver it. And deliver they do. There are a dozen or so tracks here to satisfy what is clearly a demand for old-school rock music, with some epic, rock-tastic tunes. Their previous two albums have sold over a million between them, and the arbiter of all that is popular, Spotify, has registered a staggering 200 million streams of their songs. With all that success achieved, they’re now not afraid to add something a little new to the mix, which may well broaden their already wide appeal. They’ve collaborated with some pretty heavy-weight songwriters on Thick As Thieves. The stand-out track ‘Fall Together’ for example has the added Justin Parker magic touch that he’s previously bestowed upon the likes of Lana Del Ray, Bat For Lashes and even Rihanna. That said, the album can stray into being formulaic at times, but that’s all part of the game we love them for: there’s an anthemic track here, a fast paced rocker there, and it all ends with the obligatory sing-a-long slow burner at the end of the album. Long may they strike that classic rock-guitarist pose. In the words of Dewey Finn, “Raise your goblet; for those about to rock, We Salute You.”

TTT Cover Featured

TTT Cover Featured

MP 7/10

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