Sweet Little Machine- Save Our Bones

Pop punk Sheffield four-piece Sweet Little Machine’s new single is a sharp shot of pop-punk energy that harks back to the years when you used to shout at your parents for ‘not understanding what I’m going through!’

The group, consisting of Alex Lantrua Kissack, Lucy Patrick, Adam Mintram and Joel Elsom, have been making an impression across the city for a good year now and their single, recorded at Treehouse Studios in Chesterfield, is the sound of a band with plenty of potential but still finding their feet.

The track opens with some perturbingly heavy drums before descending into an all out pop-punk funk out. The song is well structured and features all of the essentials: a catchy hook, searing chorus and over-the-top guitar solo but it’s hard to escape it being sung in a contrived accent and being of a genre associated with our early 00’s obsession with spring break, frat parties and red plastic cups.

No doubt a talented act, Sweet Little Machine could benefit from diverting their music a little more homeward and they will certainly be on to a winner.


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