Superheaven- Ours Is Chrome

Grunge rock revivalists, Superheaven, (formerly known as Daylight) fail to break new ground, but instead prevail in reviving the gritty guitars, hulking riffs and angsty lyrics that embodied alt-rock in the 90s.

‘Ours Is Chrome’ is the group’s first release following their name change back in 2014. With their new name comes a new era of their career, with one of the most promising alternative rock albums of the year thus far.

The records main flaw is the lack of identity between its eleven tracks, with the exclusion of single ‘I’ve Been Bored’, as they can easily appear to blur into one.

‘This Is Chrome’ does, however, succeed in having flow and being stylistically consistent, rather than existing as a distinguished collection of singles.
Standouts include the melancholic ‘Room’, which showcases the records stellar production and echoes the likes of Nirvana.
As well as the six minute epic ‘From The Chest Down’, which may appear weighty on the surface, but delivers as a monstrous thrill ride that is richly paced and structured.

Although the four piece appear to have taken an ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ approach to ‘This Is Chrome’, there is little here to complain about. Superheaven have simply done what they do best and have delivered eleven valuable new additions to their flourishing catalogue that maintains a lasting replay value.


Words: Kieran James

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