Steve Mason – Meet the Humans Album Review

It was only a matter of time before Steve Mason released an album as good as this and ‘Meet The Humans’ is the album that his fans have been waiting for. There’s no over-arching narrative, no dark brooding songs, just Steve at the peak of his game, making the marvellous music he has always been so good at and allowing us to celebrate the extraordinary songwriting of the man. He’ll gain plenty of new fans with this release to add to those old-timers who’ve followed him since the Beta Band days and through his various incarnations such as King Biscuit Time and Black Affair. From the very opening bars of the first track, ‘Water Bored’, there’s a celebration of the joys of life flowing through these songs. He’s recently relocated to the south cost, and it seems to have revitalised his muse. Back when he was at the forefront of what became known as Britpop, it was frustrating that the Beta Band never gained the mainstream recognition achieved by other bands around at the time, but his slow-burn approach has paid dividends. This is head and shoulders above anything his peers from that era are producing now, and is the most complete and accessible album he has yet made. This should hopefully make his name as widely known as it deserves to be.

MP 8/10

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