Slaves @ Main Stage

Review of Slaves at The Main Stage on Friday 24th July at Tramlines.

Yeah, it might be raining. And yeah, the future looks pretty bleak for the UK economy. And, fair enough, there’s not much out there in the contemporary music scene which reflects the frustrations of a generation of music fans just looking for something to vent their frustrations out on. But that’s where Kentish rabble-rousers Slaves come in.

There is no two ways about this, but it had to be said that the Tramlines Main Stage crowd needed pepping up a bit. Ghostpoet tried admirably, but a combination of inclement weather and an early doors crowd meant that things still felt a bit stiff.

Yet that all changed when Issac Holman and Laurie Vincent stepped on to the stage. ‘Are you satisfied, Tramlines?’ they asked, and were met with a muted response which spoke volumes: ‘No, but that’s where you come in, lads.’

They delivered. Launching into a range of tracks from their debut album, whipping up the soaked masses into a frenzy. Heads were blown, pints of lager were thrown, and a pair of shoes were lost during ‘Debbie Where’s Your Car’. The lads certainly played to the Tramlines audience, orchestrating a few Yorkshire chants before hitting the hyped crowd with ‘The Hunter’. All that was left was a raucous sign off in the form of ‘Hey’ – and it was clear Tramlines had arrived. With a bang.

Words: Joe Food

Photo: John Heyes

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