September Gigs Round-Up

The Rocking Chair: The Harringtons + more, 9th September

Drawing influence from Britpop and the current indie-scene, The Harringtons are the embodiment of uplifting pop and have no shortage of catchy songs. They are joined by The Tangents, Educatables, and Charles Hibberd onstage at The Rocking Chair.

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Plug: Deadset Dream + more, 10th September

Packing a massive punch in their live performances, the huge energy and upbeat alternative-rock sound Deadset Dream possess blasts its way straight into the chest and splits the eardrums. They are joined by Paper Bullets, Stand Amongst Giants, and Trinity Road for a wild night of moshing at Plug.

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The Harley: Slaves, 12th September

This grungey garagey duo really need no introduction. To coincide with the release of their second studio album, ‘Take Control’, Slaves have just launched atour across the UK and Europe, making their way through some of the best intimate venues. Catch their Sheffield appearance at The Harley.

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Sheffield University: Gary Numan, 15th September 

Often seen as the pioneer of electronic music, Gary Numan, his signature synthesiser staccato and mannequin-like stage presence have cemented themselves in popular culture. With hits like ‘Cars’ and ‘Are Friends Electric’ firmly established in his repertoire, Gary Numan stops off at Sheffield on his latest tour, a celebration of some of his best work.

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Leadmill: Rat Boy, 16th September

This Essex rapper started his career on Soundcloud, overcoming severe dyslexia by writing original songs. Melding indie-instrumentals with hip-hop beats and lyrics voicing the experience of disaffected youth, catch him plus band at The Leadmill on the 16th.

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Yellow Arch Studios: Smiling Ivy, 16th September

Indie guitar-work with a Ska groove, Smiling Ivy is a five-piece with a hell-of-a-lot of creativity and a real skill for jamming. This show at Yellow Arch marks the release of their brand-new single ‘Full Moon’.

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The Greystones: Leveret, 18th September

An atmospheric three-piece with something completely different to offer, Leveret feature accordions and a violin, and as the music washes over you, you find yourself sinking into a faux-nostalgia of beautiful wooden ships and sailing the seven seas for buried treasure.

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Picture House Social: Silver Apples, 21st September    

Formed in 1967 as a psychedelic duo Silver Apples was made up of drummer Danny Taylor, and Simeon on a primitive synthesiser. Resurrected in 1996, Silver Apples continue to tour with a plethora of musicians even past the unfortunate death of Taylor in 2005. A trippy blend of repetitive but complex drums and manic synths come to The Picture House on the 21st.

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Rocking Chair: King No-one, 22nd September

A sloshy rhythm sound, early Arctic Monkeys-like guitar work, and Bastille-esque harmony work mix together to create King No-one. Make no mistake: the similarities between other bands end there; King No-one has managed to hone and perfect their own sound into a brand new take on indie.

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Queens Social Club: The Moonlandingz, 23rd September

Made up of members from both Fat White Family and Eccentronic Research Council, Moonlandingz truly are the perfect weird and wonderful melding of Lias and Saul’s distinct musical styles and the instrumental versatility of Eccentronic Research Council.

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O2 Academy: The Hummingbirds, 24th September

The beauty of The Hummingbirds is both in their simplicity and the carefree manner that their feel-good tunes embody ‘60s shine. Drawing influence from bands like The Beatles and The Hollies, The Hummingbirds’ velvety vintage songs truly encapsulate the feel and style of that legendary era.

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Corporation: Trash Boat, 25th September

Massively energetic with pounding drums and crazy-fast riffs, Trash Boat’s style falls somewhere between alternative rock and thrash metal. Their powerful and fast sound will resonate with any heavy rock fan, and before you know it, the crowd at Corp will quickly degenerate into a sweaty, headbanging mass, pounding the floor below them as they become possessed by the angst and passion resonating from the band onstage.

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Bungalows and Bears: Honeyblood, 28th September

A duo who really manages to create a full and atmospheric sound, Honeyblood’s insightful and thoughtful songs have already caught the eyes of many established musicians, including Foo Fighters and Palma Violets, whom they have supported both of. Dipping their toes in many-a musical style, Honeyblood are a refreshing outfit.

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