Savages – Adore Life

The sophomore record from this London post-punk outfit grabs you firmly by the nads within roughly, oooh, let’s say ten seconds, as roaring guitars are combined with the fevered vocals of Jehnny Beth echoing “If you don’t love me, don’t love anybody” during opener ‘Love Is The Answer’. And the vice-like grip exerted by the four-piece doesn’t relinquish in the slightest as you are dragged across ten dark, dramatic and deeply candid tracks. The sound is unforgivably grungy and tribal, yet remains tight and never quite slips into the chaotic; the fury stays bubbling just below the surface as the band explore love and its many associates – jealousy, loneliness and lust, to name a few. ‘Adore’ sees the band at their most emotionally intense – “Is it human to ask for more? Is it human to adore life?” – before building to a howling crescendo and finish. Love and sexual conquest is explored in ‘Slowing Down The World’ and ‘I Need Something New’, while the raucous ‘T.I.W.Y.G’ warns of its inevitable sting – “This is what you get when you mess with love.” Every twist and turn on the journey is accompanied by a wall of distorted guitar and devious bass lines. Loud, fearless and captivating, it’s an intriguing record showcasing some of the most personal song-writing you’ll hear all year.

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