ROAM Interview

Prior to their set at Slamdunk Festival, we had a chat with ROAM frontman Alex Costello.

Hi Alex, nice to meet you! Is this your first time at Slamdunk Festival?

It is yeah. Well first time playing it, I’ve been before, I used to go to Hatfield and it was the only festival I used to go to as a kid so it’s pretty cool to be playing it this year.

Who are you looking forward to seeing today?

I’m looking forward to seeing Such Gold, While She Sleeps and Stick to Your Guns, but I’m missing them today unfortunately.

Unlucky! What is your favourite part about Slamdunk Festival?

When it’s beautiful weather like today, it’s great. Walking around all day watching great bands and its nice weather, it’s really great.

It is certainly a gorgeous day! Are you guys on tour at the moment?

We’ve just finished a tour, so we had a bit of time off for about a week.

What is the best and worst thing about being on the road?

The worst is beds and Travelodge’s… We’re still at the stage where we’ll buy one room and all share, taking turns sleeping on the floor. Last night I slept on the floor and it wasn’t very good!

Being a young group of lads I imagine you get up to a lot of mischief on tour…

We were playing a show in Wolverhampton with Mooseblood, and underneath the venue there were all these creepy abandoned rooms. I remember saying “god, this is so scary!” We broughtMooseblood down and our drummer Charlie was naked in the corner just shaking in the dark. It terrified them! The singer from Mooseblood was so scared he couldn’t even scream [laughs].

How would you describe ROAM to someone who hasn’t listened to them before?

Erm, energetic? Punk?

What can we expect from a ROAM live show?

A lot of fun, a lot of energy, jumping, pretty much.

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