Nothing But Thieves

Review – Nothing But Thieves

Review of Nothing But Thieves self-titled debut album.

Vibrant, exciting power-pop. This is a brilliant debut from Essex-boys Nothing But Thieves. It has an astonishingly assured feel, and totally captives from the very first listen. It’s a pretty much near-perfect album of guitar riffs, strong vocals, and catchy songs. Even when I first listened to the album, I found myself hitting the repeat button several times before the entire album had had chance to play through, and that hasn’t happened for a good few years. Subsequent repeat listens to the entire album from end to end have shone a spotlight on different tracks, as my favourite ones change with each listen. In my house, that’s the hall-mark of a great album. My contender for the best album to come out in the latter part of the year, and just watch it appear high up in all those best of 2015 lists. There’s a sequence of songs early on; Ban All The Music, Wake Up Call and Itch, which, if they ever invent a Brit award for ‘Best-3-Tracks-All-In-A-Row’, will knock every other contender out of the park. Astonishing. Have you worked out yet that I quite like this album? OK. Job done. Go buy it.


Mark Perkins

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