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Review – Meadowhall Christmas Concert

Exposed got into the festive feeling at the Meadowhall Christmas Concert and lights switch on.

It’s no easy feat to create a line-up that will appeal to a large number of fans, but that’s exactly what the organisers have done for the annual celebration of switching on the Christmas lights at Meadowhall in Sheffield. More than that, amongst the already impressive line-up, they were able to secure Alien Uncovered after their hugely fan pleasing success on The X-Factor.

Presented by Adam, Danny and Jojo from Capital FM, the event brought together the likes of Thomas Teago, Tiger Hearts, Charli Beard, Nick Brewer, Phillip George, Alien Uncovered and Sigala. Topping it all off with a firework show at the end and it was a winner all round.

Meadowhall Christmas Light Switch on_-1Kicking off with a thirty second countdown to set the tone, the three presenters from Capital FM came onto the stage with a quick blast of pyro from the front of the stage that set the level of spectacle that was to follow. Teasing the acts that would be performing, they adlibbed with their trademark humour, getting the crowd pumped and ready for the first act.

Thomas Teago was first up, taking to time to work the stage and play up to the crowd. Performing hits ‘Can’t Get Enough’, ‘Thinking About You’ and ‘Figure It Out’, Teago got the audience involved and was the first of the night to get the crowd to add to the festivities by lighting things up their end via their phones. And setting the trend for the evening, he followed it up by taking a selfie with the crowd to mark the moment.

Meadowhall Christmas Light Switch on_-18With the presenters returning to the stage, they teased a few more of the acts they hadn’t mentioned before. The crowd got their moment on the airwaves too by cheering as loudly as they could for being live on the station itself.

Second up was girl group Tiger Hearts with their blend of impressive choreography and catchy tunes. They closed their two song set by performing their upcoming single (out next year) titled ‘Bring Me Down’, clearly drawing inspiration from the likes of Chumbawamba, but bringing it up to date for a modern audience.

Meadowhall Christmas Light Switch on_-26Third up on the roster was Charli Beard who interjected live music into the mix by bringing her guitarist Joe on stage with her. Performing with a great deal of presence and producing quality banter for the moments in between, she interacted with the crowd in a way that brought out call and response moments during the choruses her songs. Putting her own personal spin on a smattering of covers, Beard brought them to life in a way that rivalled the originals. The rendition of ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ utilising funk guitar was the highlight of the set for me, and it was clear the crowd were on board too.

Meadowhall Christmas Light Switch on_-54After another moment with the presenters, Nick Brewer took to the stage. His rhythm and delivery of the lyrics were clear and focused, highlighting the finer details of some of his tracks. With an unrivalled level of collaboration between Brewer and the DJ throughout, he kept the pace of his set at a high level that didn’t falter.

Meadowhall Christmas Light Switch on_-60Up next was Philip George who made the most of extra elements like a smoke machine combined with confetti to build atmosphere. Focusing on a different type of performance from singers and choreography he added a welcome bit of variety to proceedings.

Meadowhall Christmas Light Switch on_-67The most recently announced surprise of Alien Uncovered (introducing them as the spice girls from mars) was one of the highlights of the night as they opened with their now immensely popular rendition of ‘Do It Like A Dude’. Sporting a lot of sparkles and impressing with some impeccable choreography, they completely owned the stage showcasing themselves as both a group and as individuals. Finishing with an acapella rendition, the girls showed just how talented they are.

Meadowhall Christmas Light Switch on_-89Closing the night was Sigala whose set rounded the event off perfectly. Maintaining an audience’s interest after two hours is something he accomplished with ease, helped along by playing a spate of recent hits and unique mixes. Naturally, the event closed with a bang with the brilliant use of smoke, confetti and pyro to boot.

Meadowhall Christmas Light Switch on_-95This was followed by an impressive firework display and the obligatory ‘All I Want For Christmas…’ Mariah Carey singalong – well it wouldn’t be Christmas without it, would it?

With the ever-growing high standard they set for themselves, the event organisers for the Meadowhall Christmas Concert produced a night that catered for a multitude of fans and completely delivered. It’ll be exciting to see what they come up with next year but this is sure to become known as one of their best.

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