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Hooton Tennis Club @ Leadmill

Review of Hooton Tennis Club at The Leadmill at Tramlines.
For a band who grabbed inspiration for their name from a road sign giving directions to a local lawn tennis club, it’s sometimes hard to imagine Hooton Tennis Club have spent much more time writing their songs.

With a real sense of Englishness to their lyrics and a conscious effort to remain imperfect, the carefree quartet began making waves in the latter end of 2014, and are continuing their fine form with glimpses of debut album Highest Point in Cliff Town.

With The Leadmill filling up throughout their performance, bursts of lo-fi garage pop filled the room before them and with enough on stage energy to leave you pondering whether the bad are all that laid back after all, they enthralled those who stood before them.

“Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair” won the crowd over with its sleazy charm and rough edges, with “Jasper” injecting some more energy towards the end of their set, with some added scrappiness.

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