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Electric Six – Bitch Don’t Let Me Die

No matter how hard they work Electric Six seem to always be remembered as a two song band. Despite having released an album every year since their breakout debut, Fire, the six piece Detroit band will forever be associated with noughties pop rock hits ‘Gay Bar’ and ‘High Voltage’. Their style and humour has built them a large fan base however they have struggled to replicate the commercial success of their first album.

On Bitch Don’t Let Me Die, album number 11 – yes number 11, the sextet have returned with a rock opera which, in their own words, is an exploration of death and mortality. In going for a more serious topic Electric Six have lost a lot of the comedy that brought them fame in the first place. However this does lend itself to some more crazy twisted humour. The piano led tune ‘Big Red Arthur’ is perhaps the best example of this as it follows the story of a drunken Santa impersonator who, after greasing up, goes down the wrong chimney and gets impaled on some unfortunately placed spikes.

As well as the heavy dose of rock and roll the songs on Bitch Don’t Let Me Die, you’ll find inspiration from a wide range of musical genres from the synth pop ballad ‘Kids are Evil’ to the country and Western inspired ‘Dime, Dime, Penny, Dime’. It all comes together to make one of Electric Six’s most consistent albums, though it does lack any standout hit for the diehard fans to sing along to.

As ever, an Electric six album release is more an excuse for another world tour. The live setting is where Electric Six appear to have the most fun, and their enjoyment always proves contagious with the audience rarely needing a second chance to shout out the lyrics to ‘Gay Bar’. They’ll be coming to Sheffield O2 on November 24th and will be playing songs from the new album as well as those two tunes.

Tickets can be bought here.

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