Cleft @ City Hall

Review of Cleft at City Hall at Tramlines.
Having never heard of Cleft before, I essentially had no idea what I was in for. What followed was one of the most unique and powerful sounding acts I’ve ever seen. Describing themselves as a turbo-prog 2-piece, Cleft managed to fuse all sorts of genres together, from shoegazey “sonic youth” vibes to straight out metal riffs. Certainly different, but it worked very well.

Performing an instrumental set, all sorts of experimentation was going off in terms of atmosphere and changes in tone. One moment, all you could hear was the furious scratching of the guitar, then a moment of pure ambience, quickly followed by an angry “fuck you” sort of sound. Very unpredictable, which was honestly a refreshing experience.

Weirdly enough, the random screams from victims of the ride in the distance would work with certain parts of a song. Completely unintentional, but entertaining nonetheless. Unfortunately, they weren’t allowed to play their last song due to time restrictions, in which everyone promptly reacted with a “boooo….”, showing people were enjoying the music and wanted more, myself included.

If you missed Cleft this year, they are doing a few more shows throughout the year, so go and see them. I dares you.

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