Review: BlackWaters, Joey Mojito’s Them Sardines & RedFaces

The Guilford four-piece and adopted sons of Sheffield, BlackWaters, release their EP in the punkest way possible…

Just off Eccy Road, concealed by an old curtain we found the DIY wonderland of BlackWaters. This student house courtyard is lavishly decorated with fairy lights, a stolen ice cream sign and even a precariously balanced bicycle, draped over the wall to create this pop-up punk venue and Friday night’s best-kept secret.

Opening up with the electro nonsense of Joey Mojito’s Them Sardines, the sleazy techno-pop/rock trio provide disturbing renditions of 80s pop hits in a brooding, lo-fi fashion in order to set the mood. Hometown heroes RedFaces follow to deliver a punchy set of indie-pop brilliance, proving why they are taking the UK scene by storm following a tour with DMA’s.

Next up are tonight’s hosts, BlackWaters, who waste no time in getting the crowd moving with vocalist Max diving straight into the chaos. As lager rains from a lobbed tinny, smoke fills the air and the crowd mosh into the musicians; it’s easy to forget you’re in a garden in South Yorkshire and not at Britain’s best new underground festival.

They keep the energy high with well-crafted indie punk anthems. From “Fuck Yeah” to “Down” and tracks off their new EP such as “Help Me”, the energy never dips as every single band member is crowdsurfed across the yard. The sound is impeccable considering the environment: the sound tech is perched in the living room, bed sheets hide the PA and socks cover the microphones. It takes a lot of effort to make an event this good look this casual.

With a UK tour and more new music on the horizon, BlackWaters are looking to be one the UK’s brightest young bands. If tonight’s garden bash is anything to go by, this band is building a cult following from the grassroots – literally.

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