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Black Honey @ Crystal

Review of Black Honey on the Crystal stage at Tramlines.
Black Honey are well-known for their secrecy, with little about them published online and only a scant selection of their tracks on Soundcloud. But after their hugely impressive gig at Crystal, something tells me this is all about to change.

Arriving on stage 30 minutes later than their scheduled time, the band initially struggled to draw attention from the bustling crowd. But that didn’t last for long; a few minutes later they had everyone thoroughly entranced. The four-piece from Brighton performed a seven track set that could’ve easily provided the soundtrack to a Tarantino flick. Their sound’s part-spaghetti western, part-70’s surf rock and part dark, poppy ballads, a juxtaposition that they pull off effortlessly.

Kicking off the set with ‘Spinning Wheel’, a Pulp Fiction-esque surf romp, was definitely a highlight of the night and brilliantly showcased frontwoman Izzy Bee Philip’s powerful, emotive vocals that would give Lana Del Rey a run for her money. ‘Bloodlust’ was another stand-out that saw Chris Ostler furiously snapping out riffs on his guitar as Phillips twirled around onstage. Their last song ‘You said it all’s explosive energy encompassed the room and raced us to the end of the set. A great showing from a band with a big future.

Megan Morgan

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