Bang Bang Romeo @ Devonshire Green

Review of Bang Bang Romeo at Devonshire Green at Tramlines.
My first foray into Tramlines this year: Bang Bang Romeo.

The Doncaster dynamos blazed up the Exposed in Session stage at Devonshire Green with their 60s funkadelic ‘tar rhythms undercut by dramatic drum musings. Bringing their own brand of 60s love rebellion, even the cooler members of the ever growing crowd could not resist being seduced by Bang Bang Romeo’s sweet melodies, slicing out some serious shapes on the grassy makeshift dancefloor.

Anastasia’s powerful pipes could surely be heard around each of the Steel City’s seven hills, whilst Joel and his mussed mane rocked out the bass notes. He has fast trademarked the furry coat- a strong look- complemented by the rest of the band’s retro aesthetic. Ross the riff-meister provided Bang Bang’s signature melodic overtones.

The band closed on one of my favourites and I couldn’t help singing along, ‘Did you get my invitation? Did you make any reservations?’

Make a reservation to see them if you haven’t…

Teela Clayton

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