Review: All Saints

Earlier this year we saw 90s babes All Saints release their latest album Red Flag after 10 years of radio silence and with that, their first tour in 15 years (jeez that makes me feel old). I knew I had to be there, and as I arrived to a packed out main room it was clear that I wasn’t alone. You really do forget how many bangers they had. They opened with their 1997 debut single ‘I Know Where It’s At’ letting us know we were in for a night of nostalgic pop perfection. They smashed out hit after hit old and new ‘Rock Steady’, ‘Black Coffee’, ‘Lady Marmalade’, ‘One Strike’ and ‘Under The Bridge’, but they cleverly filled in the gaps with a few new songs from the new album. A highlight for me was one of these tracks ‘Ratchet Behaviour’ which has a dancehall vibe and the girls did their own take on Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ in the interlude keeping it current. To top off the tunes they still have the moves and although at times I did occasionally think to myself…’is this mum dancing?’ I didn’t care, because I was loving it! For the encore, I looked around in awe at the entire crowd doing the beginning talking bit of ‘Never Ever’ and as their final song ‘Pure Shores’ drew to a close I was genuinely gutted that it was all over.

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