Interview: RAW SILK ahead of their Peddler Warehouse set

We catch up with Steph Smith, one half of South London DJ duo RAW SILK, to get the lowdown before they take to the decks at Peddler Warehouse for their big Fringe at Tramlines bash.

So, how would you describe your music?
It’s hard to come up with a definitive answer to this question as our music collection is constantly growing and changing, we play such an eclectic mix and will try to adapt our sound to suit the environment. At the moment we play a lot of new wave, synth pop, electro and house. We always want to exude a fun ethos in our sets to keep people dancing, so they can genuinely enjoy each track.

The two of you met in Melbourne. Can you recall that meeting and was the connection immediate?
I can recall the meeting really well as we were set up on a kind of ‘friend date’ through some mutual friends in London. There was actually a group of four of us who made a connection through our love of music and the nightlife in Melbourne at the time. We had such a fabulous year together exploring the scene there and learning so much from local DJs and nights such as CC:Disco, Daydreams and Waxo Paradiso.

At which point did you decide to start DJing together?
Once we had both moved back to London we decided to put on a night in Peckham because we wanted to recreate the experiences we had shared in Melbourne. It was also a chance to share our record collections and an excuse for our friends to get together for a monthly dance. DJing together has kind of been a natural progression from there.

“We always want to exude a fun ethos in our sets to keep people dancing, so they can genuinely enjoy each track.”

What things make it work as a partnership, both on a creative and personal level?
We both have slightly different musical tastes, which we think helps to keep our sets fresh and exciting. Playing as a partnership means that we don’t run the risk of playing the same set twice, plus it’s also great to be able to split the workload and of course it helps to always have someone there for support.

How do the Australia and UK dance scenes compare?
For us, the dance scene in Melbourne seemed more carefree. There are not as many chinstrokers, people wear less clothes and dance in circles with their friends instead of facing the DJ.

What sort of vibes will you be bringing to Tramlines?
RAW and SILKY vibes.

Do you have a failsafe favourite tune to drop at your sets?
Grace’s Failsafe is ‘Rescue Me’ – Sunkids (Bini & Martini 999 funk mix); Sophie’s is ‘Mind On You’ – Level 42 (M&M mix).

What does the future have in store for RAW SILK?
We hope the future will just have more opportunities for us to play to different people in different places – and perhaps even a Melbourne reunion one day!

Catch RAW SILK as part of the Fringe @ Tramlines at Peddler Warehouse on Sunday 21 July. Tickets available here

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