A quickie with… Joel from Bang Bang Romeo

Following their slot on the Ponderosa Main Stage at Tramlines, we caught up with BBR’s bassist Joel Phillips.

It’s been a busy summer for you so far. What have been the highlights?
Tramlines Main Stage was really special for us! To get to play on that massive stage on our own turf was a really big thing for us – that and the Isle Of Wight Festival Big Top a few weeks back have both been really magical for us.

You’re also releasing a single, ‘Invitation’, on the 30th July. Can we expect an album before long?
We are probably sitting on a couple of albums’ worth of material now and it’s certainly in the pipeline. We are really bad for being perfectionists, though, so it may be some time before it sees the light of day as we want it to be something we are really proud of.

What are your thoughts on the current UK band scene?
The scene’s electric at the min, you just had to be at The Rocking Chair this weekend to see the lineup Jack Daniels and This Feeling put together to see that. There’s a real camaraderie between the acts involved and it feels like a proper little rock ‘n’ roll family that This Feeling have created. Every single band on that stage were colossal live.

What would you say are the main challenges facing bands like yourselves today?
I think the main challenge facing acts is the same as always: having money behind you. Be it from a label or elsewhere. When some truly terrible acts are getting 80k thrown behind them on Facebook sponsoring alone from the start, it’s hard to break through and get yourself heard amongst that. But I truly believe if you keep blowing your live shows out the water they will keep growing and the stages and crowds will get bigger as word gets out. It can be overcome. We’ve got no label or agent at the moment but we’ve grafted our way to some pretty big shows.

And how is the rest of 2016 shaping up for BBR?

There’s been mutterings of a tour, and we really feel like we are riding a wave in the studio at the moment, so there will definitely be more new music very soon and you can also expect to see us out and about on the road too!

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