Pure Lilac @ Corporation

Review of Pure Lilac at Corporation on September 7th.

The next Arctic Monkeys? You never know. Live from Corporation, the young and talented four-piece Pure Lilac belted out a mix of rock favourites and original songs to entertain a gathering of music lovers.

These four teenagers all hail from Sheffield: Harry on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Tom on lead guitar, Lewis on bass and (last but not least) Liam on the drums. Being close schoolmates allows them to gel pretty well as a rock quartet and they appear to love every minute of it, looking perfectly cool and confident in front of an excitable audience. Musically, they seem to draw heavy influence from bands like Arctic Monkeys and The Black Keys.


The lads’ short but sweet set paid homage to such classics as ‘Gold On The Ceiling’, ‘Lip Up Fatty’ and ‘Crying Lightning’, but also showcased some decent sounding tracks of their own. These included ‘Tell Me’, ‘May I Remind You’ and a track so new they didn’t even have a name for it at the time, but has since been tentatively labelled ‘Drug Song’.

I think it’s been well established that if you want a rock band to sound great, letting them loose at Corporation is a very good idea. I’ve watched Pure Lilac perform at a few other venues, and never have they sounded better than they did at Corp. The guitars were crisp, the bass came through really nicely and the drums were at just the right level. This really goes to show the importance of having the right venue, and not just the right band.

Final verdict: I would say that as a band Pure Lilac have found their sound, now they just need to perfect it. Their laid-back style gives them something of an edge but I think they could benefit from being a bit more slick on stage, particularly when it comes to transitioning between songs. Overall, though, not too shabby. You can check these guys out on Facebook and YouTube.

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